People Helping People Suspension

February 26, 2004

This past year, JJAMD's "People Helping People Message Board" has had over 10,000 hits without incident. Recently there has been a rash of unsuitable entries.

Unfortunately, this misuse and the excessive effort of JJAMD's webmaster to moderate this section, has resulted in a temporary suspension of the Message Board.

The intention of the Message Board is to provide free exchange of information and experiences among the existing TMJ patients, as well as those in the public with allied signs, symptoms, and disorders, in order to help one another. JJAMD's disclaimer and guidelines specifically exclude a forum for those with commercial self-vested messages, whether patient or professional, referrals, medical/dental consultations, "flaming", or pornographic resources.

We hope we can resume service in the near future. If you have some constructive suggestions please e-mail JJAMD at JJAMDPEOPLEHELP@AOL.COM .