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"JJAMD has improved the quality of for me and my family - at last I'm not alone or being misjudged for my pain and dysfunction."

Pain is man's most common complaint, especially in the craniocervical area, which includes the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).
Misjudging TMJ is costly --- physically, emotionally and financially, which contributes to soaring health-care costs.
88% of the population had or have some of the symptoms of TMJ; and 25% are intractable.
7% to 70% of school-aged children indicate differing symptoms...urgent that U.S. do research if we are not to lead these children to this disorder and to an unhealthy adult life.
1984--- Called "disease of the year" by American Health magazine.
All human beings are potential TMJ victims from use of or accidents to their jaw joints.

Since 1982 JJAMD has assisted thousands of people through seminars, support groups, lectures, publications and personal contacts. Your support will help us continue to help others.





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