JJAMD encourages everyone, both patients and professionals, who has an interest in TMJ and overlapping pain and dysfunction or other related disorders, to participate in  “JAW JOINTS – TMJ AWARENESS MONTH®.”  You can read all about this by clicking into our “On-Line Library” and reading the Congressional Proclamation by Congressman Barney Frank, which was authored by us and appears in the Congressional Record of September 30, 1997.  This proclamation names November and all future November s as ““JAW JOINTS –TMJ AWARENESS MONTH®.”  The Proclamation can be downloaded and used verbatim as the basis for events in your area such as lectures, meetings at you local libraries or other events you might be able to organize or arrange.  You may also help to bring awareness by downloading the Draft Press Release we have put into the On-Line Library, and sending it to you local Press. Radio, and TV media.


If you want to help, or to initiate a program in your own area, we request that you please e-mail us at  The easiest way to do this is to fill out the form below, download the form and send it as an attachment to your e-mail.  Send us the information about your event, where and when it will be, who will be the speakers and their affiliations, as well as an outline or abstract of talks or lectures.  Remember, the title “ JAW JOINTS – TMJ AWARENESS MONTH®” is a registered trademark of the JJAMD Foundation and must be used exactly as it appears here.  That is, no abbreviation can be used and no substitution such as “TMD” or “TMJD” is allowed. 


We will review your plans and get back to you with suggestions, if any. Thanks for your help and cooperation to benefit you fellow patients and the general public as well.






Your name [or organization of applicable]_____________________________________


Address, e-mail, fax, telephone_______________________________________________


Person to contact if different from above___________________________________________


Title of event proposed______________________________________________________


Where and When will it be held_________________________________________________


Directions to get there__________________________________________________________


Who will speak and what is the title of the talk______________________________________


What is the affiliation of the speaker _______________________________________________


Include an abstract or brief outline of the talk___________________________________________


Put in anything else you would like to share with us____________________________________



Please download this form after you have filled it out and e-mail it to us as an attachment to  Or you can fax it to us at 617-267-9020.  If you would prefer to discuss it with us by telephone call us at 617-266-2550, or mail it to us at Jaw Joints Foundation, The Forsyth Research Institute, 140 Fenway, Boston, MA 02115.   Thank you,