Our TMJ conference on Children with TMJ and Headaches, held as part of the "Jaw Joints - TMJ Awareness Month®" was a great success with an overflow crowd. While PT's were the largest group in the audience, there were dentists, physicians, nurses and other health care professionals as well. This points out the growing interest in TMJ among tertiary health providers, but sadly, it also shows that we have not reached the physician community in any meaningful way. The conference bulletin was sent to well over a thousand pediatricians in New England, but the response was disappointing among this specialty, One wonders what they actually do when they see children with headaches and other TMJ symptoms.

We have continued our dialog with Washington, following on our extensive visit in May of this year. So far, we have little to report on progress with the interagency working group, or other activity as well. We will continue to press for results, and keep you informed on this site.

Have a healthy Thanksgiving. Renée and Milton