Date: September 6, 2002

Contact: Renee Glass, Co-Founder and Co-President   Fax: 617-267-9020 E-mail


Milton and Renée Glass, Co-Founders & Presidents of the Jaw Joints & Allied Musculo-Skeletal Disorders Foundation, Inc. [JJAMD], proudly report that their trademark application for JAW JOINTS – TMJ AWARENESS MONTHâ has been approved by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and registered under the trademark section. 


This designation complements the already existing Congressional Proclamation authored by the Glasses and read into Congress by Congressman Barney Frank, naming November as JAW JOINTS – TMJ AWARENESS MONTHâ in 1987.


Programs, both during the month and beyond, will help bring appropriate needed awareness to the importance of healthy jaw joints to a healthy craniofacial complex, oral health, and to total body health.  JJAMD’s mission is to educate everyone on prevention of TemporoMandibular Joint disorders [TMJ], and to encourage broader scientifically based TMJ research at the highest level of government, academia, and research institutes.  This will help meld the Dental Community with the Medical Community and government,  and better inform the media, and the Insurance Industry on this complex disorder.  The ultimate goal is to help the millions of existing TMJ patients, and prevent others from needlessly falling victim to TMJ. from lack of sound evidence based science.


A seminar:“Headaches and TMJ Disorders in Children—Clinical Observations” is being planned for November 14, 2002 at 6:60pm at Faulkner Hospital in Boston in conjunction with Tufts Medical and Dental Schools, Faulkner Hospital, MGH, and others.  Further information will be found on the Foundation’s website at and by contacting JJAMD by e-mail at or fax at 617-267-9020.