October 23, 2003



PLEASE NOTE:  The following announcement appears on The TMJ Association [TMJA] website: www.tmj.org    Click on:  What's New - Late Breaking News


“November is “JAW JOINTS – TMJ AWARENESS MONTH ®  To learn how you can become involved, contact “Jaw Joints & Allied Musculo-Skeletal Disorders Foundation” [JJAMD] at www.tmjoints.org/eventsnew/helpmake.htm The TMJ Association is proud of the efforts of JJAMD and urges your participation to help bring greater awareness to TMJ diseases/disorders.   Additional information about JJAMD can be found on their Web site at www.tmjoints.org.”


JJAMD is equally proud of The TMJ Association’s valuable participation in this most important project—the creation of greater awareness for this significantly large population of existing TMJ Patients.  In addition it will promote prevention for those who are at risk of becoming the future TMJ Patients from this very lack of awareness.  Both organizations have prevailed on governmental agencies, congressional delegations, public and private health agencies, insurers, university clinics and educators, and the patients themselves to come on board to help the broader public.  Most recently we have concentrated on NIDCR to spearhead a quality program of broad public awareness and health promotion tying in with “JAW JOINTS – TMJ AWARENESS MONTH ®  NIDCR has indicated they are working towards an awareness program, which we believe is the proper direction in which to proceed—in other words, from the top down.  While hopeful, at this point in time there is no guarantee that this will happen.