JJAMD and The TMJ Association Participated in NIH TMJDIWG Meeting at NIH Headquarters on 10/17/03


The TMJD Interagency Working Group [TMJDIWG] was formed as a result of Congressional recognition that “…problems associated with TMJ involve many Institutes and Centers” and requires “the.[NIH] Director to coordinate cross-cutting research by the various Institutes and Centers.”  Both JJAMD and TMJA are Patient Advocate members of this Working Group.


The meeting included reports from:


NIH PAIN CONSORTIUM. Progress toward establishing a new inter-institute working group on pain.


NIH HEART, LUNG, AND BLOOD INSTITUTE [NIHLB] .. National Sleep Disorders Research Plan which includes a reference to TMJ and Allied Disorders as a cause for sleep apnea.




     • Reported on the existing TMJ Implant Registry, as well as an update on the future International TMJD Natural History Registry.


     • Comments on a future “TMJ Patient Stigmatization Conference”.


     • Announcement that a new educational TMJD booklet will soon be published by National Oral Health Information Clearing House [NOHIC] updating the current TMD pamphlet.


      • Comments on plans by NIDCR to promote TMJ/TMJD Awareness by the media to announce the new booklet and other awareness activities.


       • Members were urged by Dr. Lawrence Tabak, NIDCR Director, to redouble efforts to bring more researchers into the interagency efforts and attract other Institutes whose work overlaps with current member Institutes.


 PLEASE NOTE:  Further information on this important meeting will be forthcoming on this website.