Volume Contents
Summer/Fall 1999
JJAMD & TMJ Then & Now
Spring/Summer 1998
Evidence Mounts That TMJ Is One Of A Number Of Allied Conditions

The Relationship Between TMJ and Other Chronice Pain Syndromes

JJAMD To Give Presentation

"Jaw Joints-TMJ Awarness Month"®

Healthtouch® & -JJAMD Relationship Continues To Grow

The Conflict Between Research and Reporting Imiplications For TMJ Patients

Late Developments As We Go To Press….

Winter 1998
Link between TMJ, Fibromyalgia, CFS and Other Disorders Strengthened

Jaw Joints - TMJ Awareness Month Published in Congressional Record

JJAMD TMJ Proceedings Published…Finally

Three Women's Health Conferences

JJAMD Annual Meeting Held

Healthtouch Usage Continues to Grow

Alternative Medicine and Therapies for TMJ - Do They Exist

Dr. Slavkin Writes on Health Promotion - A Review

Prevention of TMJ: Focus on School-Aged Children

Winter 1997
JJAMD's Founder Describes Her Personal 20 Year Battle With The TMJ Dilemma
Massachusetts Department of Public Health Writes About Focus On TMJ In School Children
Summer/Fall 1996
NIH Technology Assessment Conference On TMJ Was A Huge Sucess From The Patients"s Perspective

Senate Appropriations Bill Provides Increased Funding To NIDR and Specifies "TMJ"

Changing The Guard At NIDR

Comprehensive Oral Research Center Grant:

Jaw Joints-TMJ Awarness Month.

Liason With Massachusetts Department Of Public Health [MDPH] Going Well

Blue Cross Blue Shield Massachusetts [BCBSMA]

Healthtouch® System Utilizes JJAMD Information Nationally

New Muscle Identified--Is Part Of The TMJ Paradigm--Can This Help Your Case?

Long-Term Investments With Slow Payback

Winter/Spring 1996
Mass Department Of Public Health Liaison Takes Shape

JJAMD's Own Phase-2 Study Progressing

JJAMD TMJ Conference Tapes Ready - Book forthcoming

JJAMD Board Holds Annual Meeting

Commentary From Milton and Renée

JJAMD On Forsyth's Internet - Future Research Discussed

Major Hospital Planning Multidisciplinary Clinic

Northeastern University Lecture A Success

Healthtouch® Database Widely Used; Expands Into Internet

Upcoming Conferences Offer Some Hope and Some Concerns

Research Articles and Studies Are Mixed Bag

JJAMD Announces New Direction and Focus

Arthritis Today" Turns Back On TMJ-Arthritis Connection

Less Interest In TMJ At Yankee Dental Congress

Other Disorders… Other Problems For TMJ Patients

Should The Medical Profession Come Aboard The TMJ Ship?

Winter/Spring 1995
JJAMD's TMJ Consensus Conference Takes Shape

JJAMD's "Plain-Talk Guide To TMJ With Self-Help Tips To Keep Your Jaw Joints Healthy" Is Published


And Yet Another Controversy Rages - This Time On TMJ Devices; Patient Survey Designed

Glut Of TMJ Articles and Publications
Dr. Eskinazi's Presence Adds The Dimension Of Alternative Therapies To TMJ Conference

Healthtouch® Usage Soars In 3rd Quarter Of 1994

Patient Survey On Electronic Devices Used In The Diagnosis and Treatment Of TMJ

Publication Reports: Judge Says DuPont Not Liable As Bulk Supplier Of Raw Materials Used In TMJ Implants

TMJ Research Bill Submitted For Seventh Year

Conference Is Awarded Continuing Medical Education Credits

Spring 1994
What's In A Name?

JJAMD Participates In International TMD Conference